About Us

Kiddie Cloud is preschool that provides a world class learning environment, scientific researched curriculum to maximize development of children during the early childhood years. Kiddie Cloud believes in providing a rich, stimulating environment using an eclectic approach geared to match different learning styles n children and recent research on brain development. The preschool follows a “Play Way, Montessori, EYFS (EARLY YEAR FOUNDATION STAGE) methodology whereby regular stimulation is given to a child during the windows of opportunity which are the critical periods in a child`s life when specific learning takes place. We also believe in creating an environment which encourages learning with all the five senses through which an infant`s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development are stimulated during multi-sensory experiences. Brain research within a nurturing environment is one of the main goals of Kiddie Cloud. The management strives to enable children to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills resulting in a joy towards learning. Kiddie Cloud also aims to make parent participation an integral part of their academic programme and to make parent more knowledgeable of child development, behavior patterns and positive guidance techniques.

A child from the Kiddie Cloud setup will have the advantage of getting exposure to various types of learning experiences. In today`s competitive world a head start is what gives a child an edge. State of the art teaching aids and specious classrooms ensure that your child will enjoy every day that he spends at Kiddie Cloud. Please come and visit the school to see how your child would be spending his day.

Playschool- 1.6 years
Nursery- 3 years
Activity classes- From 3 years to 14 years

Playschool- 9 to 11.30 am
Nursery- 9 am to 11.30 am
Working days- Monday to Friday
Activity classes begin from 4 pm to 8 pm and in summer 9 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.

In addition to the infrastructure that the school offers facilities for heating lunch and a fridge for keeping fruits/milk etc is available. Air conditioner in Class rooms, Interactive touch board, CCTV camera, A. V. room etc. Specially designed app for the parents, facility etc.